Street Smart Advertising is a Melbourne based innovative marketing company that specializes in advertising in vacant retail stores by partnering them with brands.

This platform of advertising is a unique opportunity for brands and businesses to communicate with their target audience on a ground level. 

We believe that over the years people have desensitized themselves from standard forms of advertising agencies such as billboards, bus shelters and buses. Street Smart Advertising Agency provides a unique platform that allows us to place advertisements in between shops and known brands in prime locations where your target audience is already window-shopping and in an engaging frame of mind. 

On our streets is where we engage with your target audience, to ignite the most powerful form of marketing in Melbourne – word of mouth by using exciting and creative visual content. 

“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted” – George Knekker


Benjamin Jones is the Founder of Street Smart Advertising Agency, based in Melbourne.

Ben has an extensive background in real estate, advertising, sales and marketing. He started Street Smart Advertising as an opportunity to reshape the way we connect with brands and do marketing. He wanted to adjust the way we look at properties for lease and drive up the morale of shopping districts by incorporating visually aesthetic imagery and branding.

Ben has always surrounded himself with dynamic businessmen and women, being mentored by people who were further down the path than himself.

Coached by successful businessmen/women, practitioners and enthusiasts alike has allowed Ben to think outside the box. To look at a space from an outside perspective and implement a fresh approach on how to connect with branding within the marketplace through strategically targeted locations.